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We are the leading supplier of till consumables throughout the UK. Supplying a wide selection of products including cash register rolls, EPOS systems, credit card terminals and kitchen printers.

We have a large selection of till rolls to suit nearly every makes and models. We provide till rolls for brands such as Citizen, Epson, Sam4s, Geller, Sanyo and more. We're also able to supply EPOS rolls for brands including Orient and Bixolon.

Till rolls come in a range of sizes so it is important to ensure you measure them properly for you pick the correct till rolls for your machine. To measure them you first need to measure the width of your till roll and then the diameter of the roll across the middle of the till roll (you should also measure the core in the middle).

Also there are different types of rolls some being made of A-Grade paper and some made of Thermal paper. You can tell the difference between the two as thermal paper is heat sensitive paper and is used in machines with a thermal print head, A-Grade paper is used in impact (dot matrix) machines. You can tell if your till you are using takes A-Grade paper as it will use a ribbon or ink roller.

Our consumables, including till rolls, are delivered at no extra cost and you'll find that our prices are some of the most competitive on the internet while our customer service and expertise are second to none.

The SAGEM R360 uses Thermal TH57-40 rolls (57x40mm)


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