44x80mm Single Ply A-Grade Paper Till Rolls (40 Rolls)

44x80mm Single Ply A-Grade Paper Till Rolls (40 Rolls)

A box of 44mm x 80mm a-grade till rolls that come in a box of 40 rolls. All till rolls are despatched with free next day delivery. Multi-buy discounts available, see product page for more details.

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These are 44mm x 80mm A-Grade till rolls boxed in 40's and are produced from the highest quality paper. These till rolls are for use with many different models of cash register from manufactures including Sharp, Casio, Geller and Uniwell.

You can also find great extra savings with our multi buy offers.


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All our A-Grade paper till rolls are purchased direct from UK manufactures and are of the highest quality.



Width: 44mm

Diameter: 80mm

Type: A-Grade

Rolls Per Box: 40

  • Diameter: 80mm
  • Type: A-Grade
  • Width: 44mm

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